CMRF Kilometres for Kids Seattle Trail Walk: Wednesday July 21st, 2010

seattle skyline

So we’ve reached the end of another great Kilometres for Kids Crumlin Challenge. At this point you cannot help but take time to reflect. Months have gone into the preparation of the event.

A city that I had never visited before July 2009 has now become familiar and welcoming. People I had never met before this year have become companions and friends. Others who I have known from past events are like old friends that you quickly fall into a comfortable swing with. So there is always a touch of sadness.

It has been a journey of many roads. Along this journey, I have met people from all over Ireland, as well as those in Seattle, who have made us so welcome. People who all live very different lives. A group of people that may never have crossed paths but for one common goal, to make a difference, to do something to help sick children, have all gelled together to become a team.  

We all have our reasons for getting involved. Some of us have been patience, some have lost family or friends and some hope that by getting involved we can simply make things better.  Some are more athletic and are trying to beat the clock while others are simply pushing themselves to their limits to complete their challenge. But that’s what being part of Team Crumlin and taking in a Kilometres for Kids challenge is all about. It’s about taking part and doing all you can to help improve the lives of the children who attend Crumlin Hospital.

2010 has been a rough year for everyone. Thousands have been losing their jobs on a monthly basis. This is not an easy time to fundraise but it is at times like these that we need help the most. So to undertake this challenge shows bravery and commitment that’s beyond any words that I can offer.

Owen Boyle, Paddy Brennan, Phil Byrne, Aine Cofolla, Pauline Cafolla, Ann Coghlan, Mary Coghlan, Patricia Conlon, Helen Cullen, Yvonne Duffy, Martina Egan, Sylvester Egan, Linda Finn, Ann Hickey, Kate Howard, Serena Howard, Tanya Kavanagh, Mary Kelly, Michelle Kilcommons, Orla Le Strange, Sarah Le Strange, Aidan Marshall, Brendan Mc Gonagle, Joe McKay, Ray Meade, Jackie Mills, Leo O’Rourke, Sandra O’Rourke, John Stone & Margaret Stone, take a bow.  It has been a pleasure to share this experience with you. All of you, your families and friends as well as everyone who has supported you along the way have made a major contribution towards helping us to achieve our goals of upgrading the Bone Marrow Transplant unit in St John’s cancer unit and also renovating our cardiac unit.  

Gerry, Hannah, Pauline & Bernie thank you for sharing the load and making my task easier and enjoyable.

Along the way there have been back packs and collections, pub quizs and dance, blisters and sore muscles as well as lots of laughter and joy. We’ve walked our Kilometres for Crumlin Kids. Roll on 2011. I can’t wait to see everyone again in the Rhine Valley.

photo: flickr